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copywriting and blogging for

b2b  tech companies

Hi, I’m Dawid Bednarski, a freelance blogger and copywriter for B2B Tech companies. If you’re looking for great content to fuel your website or blog, you have come to the right place.

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Not sure how to turn tech speech into engaging content?

I’ll handle that for you and make sure that your clients see the benefits instead of vague terms. The content will be written in your company’s unique voice.

Strapped for blog ideas? 

With my writing, your blog will never dry up again. I’ll study your business through and through to deliver stories that people will want to interact with.

Don’t have the time for marketing?

I get it. If you’re hacking your time and still can’t find a moment to properly promote your business, I have a remedy for your ailments.

Looking for a writer on the same wavelength? 

Asking questions is a staple in my work. I want to understand your business goals before kickstarting a project. That means peace of mind for you and fewer rewrites for me. 

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Blog Posts

Are you blogging? If not, then you are missing out on all the business benefits blogging has to offer.

Creating custom, high-quality content is essential to building a sustainable online presence.

Pressed for time? I will populate your blog with just the right stuff, written in your brand’s unique voice.



Looking for professional, in-depth articles on hot topics in your industry?

Content is king, but it achieves little without credibility and authority.

I will write and edit articles for your publication, all based on diligent research and trusted sources.


Landing Pages

Your website is the digital face of your business, so you want to make it play well with your mission.

I will make your online visitors stay for longer and engage like never before.




Your informative and useful newsletters seem to sink into oblivion?

I know what you feel. It’s difficult to compete for inbox attention these days.

Why not supercharge your mailing and make sure it actually gets read?



Have more ideas for writing than time to spare?

I will ghostwrite the content for you and you will get the credit.

You didn’t even see me…


Already have a piece you would like to publish?

Maybe you have written a book or an academic paper but it still needs some tweaking to really showcase your unique perspective and ideas?

Let me handle the tiny details so you can sit back and enjoy the results.

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